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Eye in the Sky 1.0

Pixel Paradox

Description: Eye in the Sky screensaver contains 43 detailed satellite images of Earth. The following images are included: Antarctica, Argentina, Asian dust cloud over Korea and Japan, Australia, Bahamas, Bosporus Straits - Turkey, Central America, Coral Atolls, Cuba Florida and Bahamas, Cypress, Dasht-e Kevir - Great Salt Desert, Iran, Dust and ash plumes off California, Dust storm over Western Australia, Eruption of Mt. Etna in Sicily, Fernandina Island, Galapagos, Florida Keys, Fox Basin Canada, Great Britian and France, Greece Crete and Turkey, Hurricane Andrew, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan,Larsen Ice Shelf Antarctica, Lower Nile Valley - Egypt, Madagascar, Massive dust plume from China, Middle East, Mississippi River sediment plume, Namibia Desert western Africa, North Pole at night, Norway and Sweden, Phytoplankton bloom off Norway, Richat structure - Mauritania, South Africa, South America at night, South America, Southern Balkans, Spain and Portugal, The Amazon - Brazil, and The Great Lakes - USA.

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Platform: Win95, Win98, Win Me, Win NT 4.x, Win2000, WinXP Category: Desktop :: Screen Savers :: Science
Type: Time-limited tr Cost: $11.00 US Size: 4650 K Released: 2004-06-11 00:00:00
Keywords: Antarctica, Argentina, Asian dust cloud over Korea and Japan, Australia, Bahamas, Bosporus Straits - Turkey, Central America, Coral Atolls, Cuba Florida and Bahamas, Cypress, Dasht-e Kevir - Great Salt Desert, Iran, Dust and ash plumes off California, Dus
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