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ExeScript 3.0

Description: Compile and run scripts - no additional software required! Ever want to run a Visual Basic or JavaScript without needing to open it in a Web browser? Need automated, silent execution? Must create an executable file, but don't want to install a monstrous and expensive development environment? Look no further: ExeScript will create secured stand-alone applications from any of the supported script formats! ExeScript works much like the huge, bulky development packages used by professional software developers, except that it occupies less than one percent of the hard drive space required by the full-scale development platforms. ExeScript includes everything a script developer needs. Its visual script editor supports IntelliSense, color code highlight, and modern collapse/expand functionality for developing complex code. The powerful compiler produces secure, fast and amazingly compact executable files. Full-scale development tools often have to embed lots of extra code into a small application, turning a simple 'Hello, World!' into a multi-megabyte monster. Unlike these tools, ExeScript compiler can produce fast, compact executable files as small as just 19 KB. Despite their small size, ExeScript generated applications can be set to run in a window or a console, accept command line parameters, and can be executed silently for complete automation. To enhance security, the code of the scripts is encoded with strong AES encryption, protecting the original source code from being viewed or modified after compilation. You can also protect the execution of your scripts with a password, making it impossible to run your programs without knowing the correct password. ExeScript supports scripts in Batch (.bat), VBScript (.vbs), JavaScript (.js), WSF (.wsf), WSH (.wsh), and HTA (.hta) formats, producing executable files that can run on any version of Windows.

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Platform: WinXP,Windows2000,Windows2003,Windows Media Center Edition 2005,Windows Vista St Category: Development :: Compilers & Interpreters
Type: Shareware Cost: $59.95 US Size: 2377 K Released: 2008-10-14 00:00:00
Keywords: compile convert vbs to exe, bat to exe, vbscript to exe, bat2exe, vbs2exe, vbstoexe, js to exe
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