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LavaMind Study Center for SAT, PSAT, ACT LavaMind
Description: LavaMind Study Center helps you prep for the SAT I, SAT II, PSAT or ACT exams. The Study Center is packed with tutorials and test-taking advice. Whether you are already taking a prep course for the SAT I, SAT II, PSAT or ACT exams or studying on your own, we have designed a program that will help you to improve your score and test-taking skills.
Category: Education :: Other
Rating: Not rated yet. Size: 160 kB Released: 1st May 2005 Price: $0.00

Science Helper For Ms Word helpscience Inc
Description: Science helper for MS Word® is a fundamental tool for the aspiring science teacher, student or researcher. This program will allow the user to make a professional and functional document with ease of point and click usage. Easily add 1200 Scientific Graphs & Charts to your word docs.
Category: Education :: Science
Rating: Not rated yet. Size: 861 kB Released: 21st Mar 2005 Price: $24.95

Recite French Words ReciteWords inc
Description: Recite French words is specially developed for people who are increase French vocabulary. you can make settings by yourself for your study aims. And it can be played automatically on the top of the computer screen, so when you work, study and play on the computer , you can master all kinds of French words to increase Your French vocabulary unconsciously, easily.
Category: Education :: Languages
Rating: Not rated yet. Size: 4 MB Released: 6th Mar 2005 Price: $24.95

Game Show Presenter Bodine Training Games LLC
Description: Help people pay attention and learn any subject! Make it fun to pay attention by presenting a funny, TV-style quiz show customized to fit your topic. Just write your quiz or review questions, name your show and choose some options. Game show automatically includes a funny host, supermodel, music, sound effects and automatic scoring for up to 10 players or teams. High-quality show is ideal for trainers, teachers and presenters. People love it!
Category: Education :: Teaching & Training Tools
Rating: Not rated yet. Size: 6 MB Released: 25th Feb 2005 Price: $79.00

Quiz-Buddy Sierra Vista Software
Description: Quiz-Buddy - a vocabulary-building and a test-preparation tool. This award-winning Windows program can be successfully used for SAT, GRE, GMAT and other standardized tests, improving vocabulary and learning foreign languages. - Over 110 quizzes (SAT, Spanish, State Capitals) already included - Sounds and pictures for each q&a-pair - Skins - Exports quizzes to Palm PDAs - Free expert online support - Free trial versions
Category: Education :: Teaching & Training Tools
Rating: Not rated yet. Size: 2 MB Released: 20th Jan 2005 Price: $39.95

QB - Text Analyzer Sierra Vista Software
Description: - Automatically generate a vocabulary list from a text sample - Sort the vocabulary list alphabetically or by word count - Export the vocabulary list to HTML - Export the vocabulary list to Quiz-Buddy to memorize those words that you select - For each individual word, see a list of all the sentences where it is used - Quickly translate words and sentences - Add translations, definitions or comments to each word
Category: Education :: Languages
Rating: Not rated yet. Size: 463 kB Released: 15th Nov 2004 Price: $29.95

Leadership Training Leadership training
Description: Virtual Leader, using the SimuLearn Interpersonal Skills Engine, provides leadership training that leverages the true power of game-based learning. Characters can be tailored: to respond in a fashion that is more in keeping with your organization's culture to be more agreeable or assertive with more of less respect for authority .
Category: Education :: Teaching & Training Tools
Rating: Not rated yet. Size: 15 MB Released: 1st Feb 2004 Price: $49.00

Cell Mates Knowledge Probe Inc
Description: A word game and puzzle where you move fragments to form words. Words are selected from a dictionary or category and scrambled into fragments of 1-6 letters. Options control number of words and cell fragments.
Category: Education
Rating: Not rated yet. Size: 2 MB Released: 7th Jul 2003 Price: $10.00

French Connections Knowledge Probe Inc
Description: Build up your knowledge of French while unravelling word challenges. Arrange parts of disconnected French words with their English definitions. A challenging language game and puzzle.
Category: Education
Rating: Not rated yet. Size: 761 kB Released: 1st Apr 2002 Price: $10.00

Dino Trilogy DynoTech Software
Description: Dino Trilogy v4.0 - DynoTech Software. Three exciting windows educational games for ages 5-12 (Memory, Math, Spelling). Help Derik the Dinosaur rescue items from Rex the Tyrannosaurus by solving various learning challenges. Includes animation, music, and sound effects. No-loose feature helps make learning more fun. Req: Windows; 8MB RAM; Sound Card (optional, but recommended). []
Category: Education :: Kids
Rating: Not rated yet. Size: 1 MB Released: 15th Aug 1997 Price: $29.95

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