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Shceffatan Encryptorizer 7.35

by StanleyHero
Encrypt and Decrypt messages, files, text and notes easily. Transform them into an unreadable output. Protect your personal files. Send secret - For Your Eyes Only - messages to whomever simply by copying and pasting it wherever needed. When giving someone Encrypted messages they will need a copy of the Cipher-Key which was used to Encrypt the message in order to Decrypt it. All Keys may be used an unlimited number of times. When a Key is used to Encrpt a message it must also be used to Decrypt all messages which it Encrypted. The same Key may be used by the same people over and over again to correspond secretly with one another. Each person who receives an Encrypted message needs a copy of that Key to Decrypt it. There are three ways to include text when it is in need of Encrypting; you may get a file from a drive, paste or type text directly. You then activate a Cypher-Key by retrieving one from a file. After pushing the "ENCRYPT this Data-Now" button the Encrypted text can be saved to a file, or it can be copied to the Clipboard easily with a simple right mouse click. To Decrypt data you either retrieve an Encrypted file or paste Encrypted text you have received. The proper Cypher-Key must then be retrieved. Push the "DECRYPT this Data-Now" button and the Decrypted text can then be saved to a file, or copied to the Clipboard easily. Cipher-Keys may be renamed to whatever you wish but when a specific Key is used to Encrypt a message it must also be used to Decrypt it, no matter what name changes that Key has been through. Since one Key may be used to Encrypt messages forever and since that same Key must be used to Decrypt all messages which it Encrypted, each person who receives an Encrypted message needs a copy of that Key to Decrypt it. If that one Key is used by a multitude of people then each individual who has that Key can thereby Decrypt all those peoples messages too since the same Key is the one which was used to Encrypt all those messages.

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Category: Security & Privacy :: Encryption Tools
Platform: Win95,Win98,WinME,WinNT 3.x,WinNT 4.x,Windows2000,WinXP,Windows2003,Windows Vist
Type: Freeware Size: 6 MB Released: 2nd Sep 2009 Price: $0.00
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